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Altor is always with you in your mold and model works, easily and quickly, with meticulous, high quality and economical solutions.


In Mold and Modeling For Top Level Performance

Full-Compatible Siemens Control Unit, Servo Motor and Driver Set

All servo motors, servo drivers, control unit and cable group, which are located on all moving axises, we use Siemens brand. With full-compatible and high communication protocol, our machines work smoothly at high speed.

Fixed Chuck with 8 kits

In the Altor Pro series, an automatic 8-tool fixed tool magazine is used. The machine performs all the doffing operations in automatic mode. In addition, the system automatically measures the length of the tool, independent of the user, saves it in its memory and continues its operation using this tool length. In case of need, the tool change can also be done manually under the control of the operator.

Work Table Protection Feature

Only ELFAMAK has this user-friendly technology. Even if the program made by operator in the system is mistaken, spindle motor stops working at 1 mm distance to work table. With the help of this smart software, which put into service with Venom, and your work table and spindle motor are not damaged.

T Slot Grooved Aluminum Table

Work table with T slot groove in Altor series consists of Aluminum Material. The workpiece is fixed to the desired area practically by means of lugs to T slot grooves.

Wireless Handwheel


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