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Quadro allows you to do all your advertising and promotion works economically with the best solutions in minimum processes.


Economic and User Friendly

Radonix Control System

In Quadro series, we use computer-based control system. This system runs by Radonix program.

Fixed Chuck with 12 kits

In Quadro series we use 12 kits fixed magazine. Machine automatically changes all tool kits in automatic mode. Moreover, user-independent system automatically measures kit’s length, saves it to memory and continue process using this measurement. If required, additively kit changing process can be done by operator manually.

Vacuum Zone Control Compact Laminated Work Table

Vacuum work table in Venom series consists of Compact Laminated Material.In standart Quadro Plus series, work table consist of 5 vacuum zone and each zone automatically controlled by actuator valve system.

Automatic Unloading and Cleaning System

It is the system that ensures the transfer of the plate, which has been cut on the table, to the automatic discharge conveyor located in the front of the machine and the sweeping of the dust on the table. With this system, the table top is cleaned in a very short time, making empty area for new material. This feature is optional.



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