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Torro 2590 allows you to perform all the processes you will need for caravan production, fast, error-free and standard.

Torro 2590 to produce your caravan in one time and error-free

Fully Compatible Siemens Control Unit, Servo Motor and Driver Set

Servo Motors, Servo Drivers, Control Unit and Cable Group in all motion axes are Siemens brand. It allows the machine to run smoothly at high speeds with its full compability and high security communication protocol.

Table Guard System

With this user-friendly application, which is only used in ELFAMAK products, your spindle motor will automatically stop at 1 mm distance from the table, even if the program is faulty. Thanks to this smart software offered with Torro series, both your table, your tool and your spindle motor will not be damaged.

Vacuum Zone Control With Actuator

In the Torro 2590 series, the vacuum work table consists of compact material. In the standard Torro 2590 series, the table consists of 16 vacuum zones and 1 vacuum pump controls each of the 4 zones. Vacuum control system is realized with smart Actuator Vcuum Control System.

High Holding Power, Minimum Maintenance Dry Vacuum Pump

German Dry Type Vacuum Pump with high holding power is preferred in Torro 2590 series. Dry type pumps, which do not require extra maintenance such as oil change or oil addition, allow you to easily process smaller parts with high efficiency and strong grip.

Wireless Handwheel


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