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Venom 3x Multi Line production lines allow you to produce fully automatically in all your processes from order to shipment.


Fully Automatic Production Line From Order To Shipment

Full-Compatible Control Unit, Servo Motor and Driver Set

Servomotors, servo drivers, control units and cable groups in all movement axes are Backhoff brands. It enables smooth operation of the machine at high speeds with its full compatibility and the highly secure communication protocol.

Vacuum Boosting System

Vacuum work table in Venom series consists of Aluminum Material. In the standard Venom series, the table consists of 8 zones. The primary vacuum provides the spray assembly. The second vacuum pump is passed through the spindle and provides convenience.

Automatic Unloading Conveyor

It is the front conveyor of the machine where the cut parts are carried by the unloading and sweeping system. The fact that the discharge conveyor has a sensor allows the conveyor to move as the front parts are taken and all parts to be collected from the front.

Automatic Loading System

It is an automatic loading system that allows the plate, which has been cut on the table, to be transferred to the discharge conveyor and the new plate to be placed on the table automatically after the table is swept.

Wireless Handwheel

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